Notary Bridge

Image of Notary Bridge app page

I worked for Pancake Technologies LLC for about 3 months or so. Considering they initially only brought me on to straighten out a couple of frontend pages and it was only supposed to take about 2 weeks I guess I impressed them a little bit to keep me on as long as they did. Really, the only reason they let me go was because they were a startup and operating on limited funds and so they ran out of money.

While with them, most of the work I did was on the Notary Bridge web app itself but I did do a little bit of work on the actual website towards the end. I coded and helped come up with the design for several of the Notary Bridge app web pages. We used XHTML, CSS2, JavaScript, jQuery and jQuery UI. The backend, which I did not do, was done in Java and so we used JavaScript to talk via a RESTful service to that backend.

The page shown above is only one of several that I worked on. Visit the Notary Bridge Website to see more screenshots.

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